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And so as soon as I get the resolve to write, it sputters and dies once I power up the wordpress dashboard.

Since my last update in end November, not much has really happened. There were tons of news that came my way but most of them still sit in my email inbox unread. In January I saw myself back in the Army with my unit finally going through the ATEC evaluation that we’ve been gearing up for this past 7 years. I can’t say I was too pleased with the results but I’m glad it’s all over. A few more years and we’re done with our 10 years of service.

There’s been quite a bit happening in Singapore though (other than the sex scandals). There was a by election Punggol East after the MP there resigned. I wasn’t following it too closely because, let’s face it, I wouldn’t even be able to vote. What was more important to was to eventually see who won and how that would affect us. I doubt it would actually. At least not yet.

There’s been quite a bit on my plate lately and i’m always putting my work, family and friends ahead of this blog so while I’m sorry that I don’t write as often as I used to, I do think that I would contribute little to the space if I frequently just re-post press releases or re-display information that many others have already shared. I’m working to find a way to make time to sit, think and write but I’m not sure when that would happen.

Until then, I’m alive and well. Will make a greater effort to reconnect with the digital community again. 🙂

Ridzuan Ashim
Starting and maintaining Ridz.sg aside, Ridzuan is Head of Development at INEO Solutions. He has been dabbling in both web and mobile development since 2003. His interests include how technology can be used to improve the human condition, poverty alleviation through sustainable development, education and microfinancing.

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