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I belive that the world is a cruel place and that our only hope moving into the future is to remember that we are all human – that we will make mistakes, the we are imperfect, that we will make great strides in every area of science and philosophy but that each each time we do, we will possibly trade a piece of our humanity.

So we must be remain tolerant of our differences lest we forget that in the vast expanse of the universe, each other is all we have.


Ridzuan (or “Ridz”) founded the site – using it as his personal blog back when “blog” wasn’t even a word. Since then, the site has evolved to be a place where he shares his thoughts about the stuff he’s interested in – namely technology, business and current affairs.

He spends most of his time keeping up with technology trends – taking particular interest in how they can applied to actually improving the human condition and places an importance of function over form (which is so unlike the craze for pretty things these days).

While he writes for Ridz.sg, he is also currently a full-time employee at a kickass digital marketing agency called INEO Solutions where he heads the software development team – trying to spread the love for engineering within the company and also trying to deliver awesome social media campaigns to clients.

You can find out more about him by popping by his about.me page at http://about.me/ridz

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Every Geek’s got a list of gear they wish they had (although some have the privilege of actually having it) and that often stems from how they see themselves in the world. There are those who want to become cyborgs and then there are those who wish to journey through the physical world with as little as possible.

This Dream Gear section is all about sharing what I would love to have on me and why. Each time we review or spot a new product we’ll compare it with stuff in our list through our “Making The Cut” series and see if it should be on our list instead.

My gear philosophy :

“Self Sufficiency”
When I’m out there, I want to know that I have everything I need and everything I might need. Weight usually isn’t a problem but having the ability to stay connected and making sure the devices I have last long enough through my time out is important. Being able to be do my work from anywhere and from any machine is just as important. Oh and it helps to have access to entertainment and be able to share and receive stuff from the people around me too. 

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Tablet : Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S

Desktop: HP Touchsmart 620 3D

HP Touchsmart 620 3D

Laptop : Lenovo Thinkpad T420s with pimped up specs

Lenovo Thinkpad T420s with pimped up specs


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Nothing yet. Have something you think I should consider? Let me know!
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Nothing yet. Have something you think I should consider? Let me know!


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